Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors have that smooth glass look, that type of look which has you wondering if it would be safe to walk on without constantly slipping and sliding.

Most people have this general misconception when they are looking into different types of flooring for their homes. In actuality, Polished Concrete Floors are completely safe to walk on. Of course, certain variables will effect this, such as if the floor is wet, or has a muddy residue. But this would be true to a variety of different flooring types.

Polished concrete floors are also considered to be safer than waxed linoleum or polished marble.

We do understand however where there is heavy foot traffic, the need to prevent slip-and-fall accidents is high-priority.

Here are some tips for further improving the slip-resistance of polished concrete floors:

  • Keep polished floors free of oil, grease and standing water. Follow a routine maintenance program, and clean spills and stains from the floor as soon as possible.
  • Apply an anti-slip conditioner. These products contain special additives designed to improve traction and make wet surfaces safer. They must be reapplied periodically, but they can simply be mopped up during routine cleaning.
  • Apply a sealer coat to polished concrete that contains an anti-slip grit additive. These products are simply mixed into the sealer before applying to increase traction without taking away from the appearance of the polished surface.
  • Used polished concrete flooring in display areas or zones of low traffic, supplemented by rubber mats or area rugs in high-traffic entryways.


Information Source: ConcreteNetwork.com


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