The term polished concrete refers to a decorative floor finish which leaves the concrete exposed.

There are two methods for polishing concrete as well as variation of them.

  1. Grinding the surface of concrete whether it be old or new until it as been flattened then applying a surface sealer.
  2. Method two similarly grinding the concrete and then applying surface treatments to start the polishing treatments.


What is the process?

The polished concrete floor process involves grinding the concrete to reveal the aggregate within it. Once the technician is satisfied with the level of aggregate exposure, the concrete will then be polished using grinding pads, finer grinding pads used will as the process goes on. Once the concrete has been polished the final step will be to apply a sealer.


Can I colour my polished concrete floor?

Absolutely, if you are having a new slab put down, there are different cement colours to choose from, feel free to discuss this with one of our staff members!

What options are available if I have an old concrete slab?

Depending on the existing state of the concrete (level of damage), you have the option to grind and polish the concrete. The overall look of the concrete is dependent on the type of concrete and the aggregate density.

How do We achieve the best result?

Eco Grind will be there to assist you from the beginning- the planning stage, right through to the end. We offer a “One-Stop-Shop”  if you will. Taking control of your concrete floor preparation to the completion stage. This will give you the most desirable results!

What sealers are applied?

This depends on the finish required and also the varying parameters of the floor.


When should I liase with a concrete polisher?

At the very earliest planning stage, this is the best time and can provide cost benefits to the client.


Is a polished concrete floor slippery for outdoors?

No, the surface of the floors can be made non slip. This will be great for a pool area you might have or entertaining areas.

What are the benefits of having polished concrete?

Concrete flooring has the ability to take on color and polished sheen, coupled with its vast array of benefits, polished concrete floors will become a must have for your home. View our blog on the Benefits to Polished Concrete Floors for Everyday Living


How often do I have to maintain my polished concrete floors?

Having a general cleaning schedule will certainly help keep your polished concrete floor in tip-top condition for years to come. The most important measure to take in maintaining polished concrete floors is to act fast on any unexpected accidents. Wipe up and liquids, semi solids and anything that may cause a stain or etch the surface. Large pieces of debris should also be picked up as quickly as possible, especially if they are able to break off into smaller pieces and potentially scratch the floor if kicked or stepped upon. View our blog on Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors


Do you have any more questions you need answering about polished concrete floors? Feel free to get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you!