Concrete Sealant

Clear Concrete Sealant

To keep your concrete floors in the best possible condition for years to come and keep them looking pristine it’s always a great idea to seal them with a concrete sealant.

Two types of concrete sealers you can choose from are clear concrete sealants and coloured concrete sealants.

It is quite important that your decorative polished concrete surface is resealed periodically in order to lock in the colour, protect the surface from impurities and maintain its gloss and shiny appeal.

Your new or resurfaced decorative polished concrete floor is treated with an acrylic sealer to help produce an aesthetically pleasing surface which is easier to clean and maintain than a surface which is unsealed.

We highly recommend resealing your surface every 18-24 months. The sealer works by blocking the pores of the concrete thus providing a protective layer that helps stop impurities becoming ingrained. This will also help keep a consistent look throughout the years to come.

Coloured Concrete Sealant

Coloured concrete sealants improve the overall aesthetics dramatically.

The coloured concrete sealer system is highly ideal for colouring and protecting plain concrete. There are two parts to this system.

Part A) The colour sealer clear base.

Part B) The colour tint.

Part B is added to the colour sealant clear base (Part A) and then applied using a roller or soft bristle broom.

Using a coloured concrete sealant will improve existing hardwearing decorative concrete even further.

Adding a secondary coat of concrete sealant will improve abrasion resistance, all the while creating a barrier between the concrete colour and the effects of the harsh Australian climate.

Do you require any further information regarding concrete sealant? Get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you and further assist you with any and all matters regarding sealing your concrete surfaces!