EcoGrind specialises in Melbourne concrete floor polishing, making sure to bring quality experts to your suburb.

Melbourne concrete floor polishing has become very popular as it is a new, economical and environmentally friendly choice for a modern home. We have worked in a wide range of locations with a variety of different requirements, making our level of experience top of the line.


So what types of concrete floor polishing is available?

EcoGrind has worked with both pre-set concrete or brand-new concrete placement.

If your old concrete floors need to be polished and sealed, a great choice is coloured sealers or adding shine. Some pre-set concrete floors may not include the type of aggregate you prefer (the stones that are revealed after grinding to create beautiful patterns on your floors). However, we can work with what is there, and offer you a wide range of sealers and polish levels to create a stunning surface.

With brand-new concrete, we can add the aggregate needed in whatever colours you’d like and grind and polish the floor to your chosen level of exposure and shine.

The types of exposures we work with include low, full and random – they each create different looks, making for a difficult choice for some!

melbourne concrete floor polishing

Low Exposure – A clean and simple grind and polish, with little or no aggregate visible.

melbourne concrete floor polishing

Full Exposure – All the aggregate is visible, creating geometric shapes and a great pattern.

melbourne concrete floor polishing

Random Exposure – Some pieces of aggregate is visible, some sections are clean – it’s random after all!

We also have different levels of shine, including full gloss and satin or matte.

melbourne concrete floor polishing

Full gloss – This is the complete works when it comes to Melbourne concrete floor polishing. It has a reflective and shiny surface and is very glossy.

melbourne concrete floor polishing

Satin or Matte – This satin finish reflects only a little light and resembles a smooth leather look rather than glass. Matte is even less reflective and is a very modern take on concrete floors.


There is a range of sealers to choose from, once you have decided on the exposure and shine, and those range from Epoxy, Polyurethane and Acrylic, each with a different thickness and shine, but with the same scratch resistant and allergen free qualities!

Read more about the different types of sealers.

For your Melbourne concrete floor polishing needs, contact EcoGrind today, for a quote! For inspiration and other articles, read about outdoor concrete flooring and unique concrete uses for stairs.