Grind and Seal for polished concrete floors is fast becoming a great alternative for the home.

Here at EcoGrind, we can transform your old concrete floors with our up-to-date equipment and process of grind and seal.

Thomastown Polished Concrete

What is Grind and Seal?

Grind and Seal is the process of grinding and polishing down existing concrete surfaces to create exquisitely polished concrete floors. We use heavy duty polishing machines that had diamond abrasive grits which polish your concrete as much or as little as you like. With your choice of shine or matte, colour and pattern, the choices are endless! Your polished concrete floors will be unique to your home or retail space. Whatever the condition of your pre-existing concrete floors, we can repair and rejuvenate it into a fresh new floor.

We also apply a sealer, which is available in either Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane. These are available for all surfaces and come in your choice of shine!

What is the difference between the Sealers?



An acrylic sealer has an easy application and is very economical. It provides a thin layer of protection, ideal for both indoor and outdoor polished concrete floors. An acrylic sealer is water-proof and is resistant to yellowing over time. They enhance the colours and patterns of the concrete with many different levels of shine.

They typically wear faster than epoxy or polyurethane, so it’s best to use an acrylic sealer in low traffic areas such as homes. Acrylic also dries faster than other sealers – so it’s best for a quick job!



An epoxy sealer creates a tough, scratch-resistant coat with long wear and water resistance. Epoxy is harder and tougher than acrylic and is non-porous – so it doesn’t absorb any moisture or bacteria.

It is ideal for kitchen areas or food preparation spaces for restaurants because of its waterproof nature and non-porous quality. Epoxy is also a great option for concrete bench tops!

Perfect for high traffic areas, epoxy is a good choice for commercial or retail spaces and busy homes. Epoxy is available either clear or pigmented and can bring out the colour of a concrete floor beautifully.



A Polyurethane sealer is top of the list of heavy duty sealers. Being twice as thick as acrylic, polyurethane is extremely protective. It is scratch and chemical resistant. It is transparent, resistant to yellowing and the most durable out of the sealers.

A polyurethane sealer is ideal for high traffic areas such as factory floors, retail environments or garages.

Available in many levels of shine, this sealer will compliment polished concrete floors with the addition of the most secure and protective layer.

grind and seal polished concrete floors

Whatever your reasoning behind choosing to Grind and Seal your polished concrete floors, be secure in the thought that your floors will be long-lasting and economical. You’ll also be protecting your family or business with this allergen-free, non-porous and waterproof floor and save much more in the process!

For professional polished concrete floors and a great Grind and Seal job contact us today!