Does your concrete outdoor floor need a bit of flair and style?

We can help make your outdoor area turn into an outdoor paradise fit for a fancy resort with one simple change – a professional concrete floor.

Whether you already have a concrete outdoor floor or you would like to create a floor, EcoGrind can help make your design dreams come true. We’ll happily take a look at your chosen location and design a concrete outdoor floor to suit your needs.

There are many different types of floors that are suitable for an outdoor area.


Polished Outdoor Flooring

If you plan to hold gatherings or have a relaxing time on your patio, why not try a polished concrete floor? We can grind your concrete down to your chosen exposure layer (full, low, random) to reveal the aggregate beneath it. Then we can polish your floors to any desired level (full shine or a basic matte polish) and add a sealer to lock it all in!

This type of surface is prone to be slippery when wet, so it isn’t ideal for swimming pool surrounds or children who prefer to run around in the backyard.

It is however great for sitting areas because of its scratch resistant surface. It is also easy to clean and sweep, especially when rain or wind brings in mud or leaves. All you need is a mop and some warm water.


concrete outdoor floors


concrete outdoor floor

Acid Etch Flooring

For a non-slip surface, particularly great for swimming pool surrounds or driveways, acid etch might be ideal for you.

Acid etching (or washing) concrete with acid opens the pores of the concrete. With this process, the stones and rocks create a bumpy and raised texture and a non-slip surface. The stones and rocks are extremely intact and are unable to be dislodged or get stuck in car tires or between toes – all from the treatment process we put the acid etch through!

This treatment does use acid, however we are a professional service that will do the job correctly and safely. The acid will not be present on the final product and will be safe to use with bare feet or for pets.


concrete outdoor floor


concrete outdoor floor


Whatever you choose for your backyard, we will help create the perfect concrete outdoor floor for you. For a quote, contact us at EcoGrind.