Take your flooring to new heights with polished concrete staircases!


Polished Concrete Staircases

Polished concrete looks fantastic anywhere – and we particularly love polished concrete staircases.  Easy to maintain and shining with grand aesthetics, it is always exciting to work on a multi-level building.

Making ascending and descending an experience to your multi-storey property – polished concrete staircases can also be made extra safe with a non-slip surface.  And if you are looking to create a more streamlined effect and use a different material for your staircase, polished concrete floors make a stunning complement to your staircase material selections.

Take a Step!

You don’t need to create entire polished concrete staircases to have an impact.  As you can see here, a simple step in your home allows a seamless flow from one room to another.  Check out the beautiful steps we have created in these homes in Templestowe Lower and Preston.



The Perfect Compliment!

We’ve worked on many multi-level properties over time, and love the look of polished concrete floors against feature staircases.  A great exposure and glossy sealant can add a sense of grandeur to any property, and gives it a modern look that owners can

be proud of. This property in Mornington is a perfect example of how polished concrete floors make amazing staircases pop!

Concrete Polishing Melbourne (17)

Concrete Polishing Melbourne (16)

With so many options to achieve a beautifully unique surface – from full and random exposure to gloss or matte finishes – polished concrete staircases are rapidly gaining in popularity!  With the ability to create a safe, non-slip surface, they work well in any home, office or warehouse.

Eco Grind are always on the lookout for new ways to make polished concrete shine in any property.  And polished concrete staircases are no exception! Whatever your style, polished concrete is the perfect canvas.

Contact Eco Grind today for an obligation free quote, and find out how polished concrete staircases can take your home to new heights!