Kitchens are probably one of the most popular places in the home to have polished concrete – not just on the floor!

Kitchens with polished concrete floors are sustainable, long-lasting, scratch resistant and easy to clean. What’s not to love?

Kitchens with polished concrete floors

Kitchen Floors

Surprisingly, kitchen floors can have more bacteria and dirt than a kitchen countertop! So why not make one of the messiest areas the easiest to clean?

Many homes and flats now have kitchens with polished concrete floors because of its maintainability. Polished concrete floors are great when it comes to spills and mess – it’s smooth and water-proof surface repels liquids and can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and water after an intense cooking session.

The protective sealers we have available also create a scratch-resistant surface and allergen free floor creating the ideal environment for allergy sufferers.

As a traditional kitchen floor, polished concrete ticks all the boxes and offers a great range of styles and patterns.


Kitchen Countertops

Don’t think that concrete belonged just on the floor! Kitchens with polished concrete floors look great with an ongoing pattern that is expressed throughout the kitchen. So why not match your countertops to your floors?

Polished concrete countertops work in a similar way to polished concrete floors. They have the same repelling effect making it easier to clean than certain stone or synthetic countertops. The grind and seal process applied to polished concrete also renders it stain resistant, meaning your countertops will look clean, shiny and new for years to come.


Kitchens with polished concrete floors


When considering polished concrete floors or countertops in your home, remember to take into consideration the exposure, shine and seal.

The exposure is the amount of aggregate (stones inside the concrete stab) visible when the floor is ground down. You can choose from a variety of exposures to create varying designs and patterns.

The shine is how glossy or matte you would like your surface to be. The polishing process determines how high or low the level of shine will be.

The seal is the coating of sealant that is applied to protect the finished polished concrete product. It adds an extra level of longevity and shine that varies with different types of sealer.


You have a range of decisions to make, however, all will lead to one thing – a great polished concrete floor.

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