Polished Concrete Floors are our life – literally!

Here at EcoGrind our sole purpose is to provide you with economical, environmental and beautiful Polished Concrete Floors. So, what are some Polished Concrete Features?  We have all you need to know about our gorgeous floors.


Polished Concrete Features – The Practical


How It’s Made

Polished Concrete Floors are made by grinding down a slab of concrete (in whatever colour of pattern you choose) to a desired level of shine and smoothness. Then, a layer of sealer is painted on to coat the floor and add a shine.

This concrete layer can be placed just about anywhere – on a lot prior to building, inside an existing location, on an outdoor location and onto benchtops or stairs.

The placement, design, level of grinding and level of shine is all chosen by you. Then, we will use our state of the art equipment, expert knowledge and experience to suit your polished concrete designs and schedule.

polished concrete features


Polished Concrete Floors are an ideal choice for flooring because of their long-lasting and scratch resistant properties.

The sealer and the method of polishing provides a protective layer that prevents scratches and cracks from forming. For example, from moving furniture, high traffic retail/commercial places, pets and children or from general long-term use.

Polished Concrete Floors are also hypoallergenic! They are mite and bacteria resistant, meaning those sensitive to allergies won’t be spending hours cleaning and maintaining their floors.

The sealer is also pet and child friendly once dried, so there are no transferable chemicals to worry about!

Maintaining Your Floors

Your Polished Concrete Floors barely need to be maintained aside from the occasional sweep and mop.

There is no need for waxes, polishes or harsh chemicals to maintain your floors. Polished Concrete Floors remain shiny and polished all on their own!

Indoor Polished Concrete Floors are easy to clean as they are non-absorbent (like carpet) and there are no cracks or crevices to clean between (like tiles or floor boards). A wipe with a moist towel for a small spill, or a mop over a large area for a weekly clean is all that is needed.

Outdoor Polished Concrete Floors may need a mop, sweep or a hose down, especially if dirt and leaves are likely to accumulate over time.


Polished Concrete Features – The Decorative


Patterns and Design

There are a variety of patterns and designs for you to choose from when it comes to Polished Concrete Floors.

Speckled egg shell stones are a traditional and classy choice. The come in a variety of colours and styles, available for polished concrete and acid etch.

You may also decide to go with a solid colour for your Polished Concrete Floors or add colour to your sealer for a subtle sheen.

polished concrete features polished concrete featurespolished concrete features

Shine and Polish

You can also decide how shiny or how matte you’d like your Polished Concrete Floors to be!

During the grind and seal process, you may decide how much you’d like us to grind the concrete (to develop a smoothness or a textured look) or you may decide on the level of shine through the sealer (a very glossy and high shine look or a satin finish for a subtle look?).

A classic level of shine is great for retail spaces and homes, a high level of shine is ideal for commercial spaces where looks are important (e.g. a hotel lobby) or a lavish entrance way and a satin or matte finish are great for a subtle, modern home or office space.


Feature Spaces

You can also update your home by adding Polished Concrete to other areas of your home.

A smooth concrete bench top is a creative way to incorporate the hypoallergenic properties with the looks of a polished concrete floor!

You can mix and match the colours and styles to match your floors as much as you please, with guaranteed long-lasting features.


If we’ve captivated you by the sheer amount of benefits from these Polished Concrete Features, contact us today for a quote!