At Eco Grind, we recently finished these Pakenham Upper Polished Concrete Floors for an up-and-coming home. The high gloss surface provides a beautiful floor for years to come.

For these Pakenham Upper Polished Concrete Floors, a contemporary grey speckled pattern was selected to complement the future home. The concrete was then ground down and polished to the desired level to create this bold, high gloss shine.

pakenham upper polished concrete floors

People may think of dirty factory floors, with matte concrete surfaces, or shopping car parks when it comes to concrete. However, concrete can be used almost anywhere and become an attractive addition to the home or commercial space! With the right tools, this versatile and economical flooring can be transformed into a masterpiece.

pakenham upper polished concrete floorsThe Benefits

This concrete will go on to be used daily, with all sorts of potential damage that could come its way. From children running up and down, the constant shifting of furniture, or regular wear from high heels, work or school shoes – most floors would need regular maintenance and cleaning for those scuff marks.  However, with a scratch-resistant quality and durability that lasts years, there is no need to worry for this household.

The smooth surface also offers protection from fleas, mites and other allergens that could cause asthma sufferers some problems. Thus, making it a perfect solution for the home!

For those who don’t have time on a regular basis to sweep or mop, polished concrete floors are a perfect solution. Easy to clean with some warm water and soap, the polished concrete floor will dry in an instant and be rid of spills or dirt. This is ideal for a busy household with children or pets that love to get messy from time to time.

Polished concrete floors are a hassle-free, allergen-free and environmentally-friendly solution for a household surface. These Pakenham Upper Concrete Floors will be enjoyed for years without the regular maintenance investment, as you get with floorboards or carpet.

For a new start with a new floor, contact us at Eco Grind for your modern home solution.