Hypoallergenic Flooring for Allergies?  Polished concrete is the perfect flooring choice for better breathing!  We are all excited that the grey skies are fading and the sun is finally here, but the beginning of Spring can be bittersweet for the many people who suffer from allergies and asthma.  For those affected, the home can have a massive influence on the extent of their symptoms.

Hypoallergenic Flooring

There are some great options for hypoallergenic flooring!  Unfortunately, carpet is not one of them.  It is common knowledge now that carpet can be a haven for dust mites, mould spores and other allergens. Carpet is harder to clean and expensive to deep clean – even regular vacuuming with a gutsy vacuum cleaner may not be enough for someone who is sensitive to the nasties that lurk in our carpet.  But there are some great options for hypoallergenic flooring!

For this reason, hard floor surfaces have increased significantly in popularity over the past decade or so.  Tiles, timber and laminate are covering the entire floor surface of countless homes, in the effort to make the environment asthma and allergy friendly.  For even easier maintenance, however, it’s hard to go past polished concrete.  No grout to clean, no routine sanding and polishing.  Forget concerns about whether it can get damaged or too wet – it’s so easy to look after and it’s scratch resistant!

Constant exposure to allergens such as dust, pollens and mould can contribute to chronic breathing problems. People have suffered chronic asthma or other respiratory conditions for years without addressing the key contributing factors.  And flooring is a huge one!  The easier a floor surface is to maintain and keep clean, the easier it is to the allergen population in your home as low as possible.

Eco Grind can create a beautiful floor for your home that is hypoallergenic, helping to reduce your allergy symptoms and breathing problems, and promote general well-being.

Contact Eco Grind today – they would love to help families who need a boost to their health!