Australians love dogs, and for many of us, our furry friends are as much at home in our lounge rooms as the rest of our family.  It makes sense to look at the best flooring options available for a healthy home – and in our view, dog-friendly polished concrete floors are ahead of the pack!

If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience how dog-friendly polished concrete floors are in person, it might not need any further explanation. For those who prefer to know the why’s and how’s, here are our top reasons that make polished concrete the most dog-friendly floors going around!

dog-friendly polished concrete floorsNon-Toxic

Polished concrete is the perfect non-toxic solution for our dogs (and children).  Without the harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) usually found in new carpet, laminate and some other flooring materials, you can feel confident that from the very beginning, your dog is safe to lick the floor clean of food spills!

Odour and Stain Resistant

Carpet can hold onto odours with the ferocity of a puppy with a tug toy! Over time it is almost impossible to mask.  It’s a smell you may not notice yourself because you live with it every day – but your visitors will notice.  Dog urine can also stain the surface of carpet, laminate, timber and even grout.  Polished concrete, however, is resistant to all the nasty odours and stains!

Easy to Clean

We’ve covered this topic in detail in other latest news articles, but it’s still well worth a mention here.  Polished concrete floors are just about the easiest floor surface of all to clean.  A quick sweep or vacuum, and a speedy damp mop do the trick.  Check here for more information on how to clean and maintain your beautiful dog-friendly polished concrete floors.


This is one of the biggest advantages of polished concrete floors.  The ultimate in puppy friendly flooring also means it’s allergy-friendly.  If your family members of friends have unfortunate allergies to dogs,  you can feel better knowing that your floors are the least likely culprit to trigger an allergic or asthmatic response.  This is fantastic peace of mind, and makes your home a happy destination for allergy-prone visitors!

Fleas and Mites Begone!

As you can well imagine, carpet can be a wonderful breeding ground for pesky fleas and mites.  So to avoid harbouring unpleasant insects, it makes sense to choose a flooring solution that isn’t as hospitable.  Polished concrete floors are the perfect answer!

Scratch Resistant

Floor boards, laminate and even some tiles can be susceptible to scratches from claws.  And carpet can be a fun chew or pull toy for the cheekiest of puppies.  There is little that these tiny fur-babies will try their hand at, whether it’s scratching on some timber floorboards or tugging at an enticing carpet edge!

So there they are, the main reasons that dog-friendly polished concrete floors are the way to go for a happy healthy home filled with the joy that our fuzzy family members bring!

Eco Grind are industry leaders in concrete polishing all over Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.  If you are looking for the best, dog-friendly solution for your home, contact Eco Grind today for an obligation free quote.