There is art to achieving fantastic-looking Melbourne polished concrete finishes.  Although there is always an exciting unknown element to how the stone will look, you should make sure you engage a top Melbourne concrete polishing company to get the best out of your slab.

It all comes down to the type of stone finish you’re after, and choosing a skilled professional for grinding and polishing.  You should also look for an expert, who can advise you on the best Melbourne polished concrete finishes for your floor.

So depending on the type of look you want to achieve, and the base you have, here are the types of finishes and how Eco Grind makes them happen!

Melbourne Polished Concrete FinishesFull Exposure

Grinding is applied evenly to the entire slab, to achieve a full exposed stone look.  This is one of our most popular polished concrete finishes for residential homes, as well as many commercial and retail floors.



Melbourne Polished Concrete Finishes

Random Exposure

We love the surprise and artistry involved in achieving a spectacular random exposure for truly unique polished concrete finishes.  It’s like uncovering hidden treasure, and our job is to make it shine as brightly as possible!  This involves everything from patches of nil exposure right through to full exposure, all on the same surface!

Light Random Exposure

This is also commonly called Salt and Pepper finish.  There is a fine skill to this particular finish, as it involves grinding to reveal the lightest aggregate exposure possible.    This is one of the polished concrete finishes that requires a well-planned, expertly-laid slab.

Melbourne Polished Concrete Finishes


Warehouse Finish

As the name suggests, this is a great solution for warehouses, factories, or any older slabs prone to damage such as cracking or staining.  If you have an older, blemished concrete slab and like a rustic look, this is the perfect finish for your floors!


Melbourne Polished Concrete Finishes

Burnished Finish

A little different from regular concrete polishing, a burnished finish doesn’t so much involve grinding and polishing.  The process is more about cleaning and sealing.  It is a cost-effective method for warehouses, garages and outdoor areas.  For a burnished finish, you need to be prepared for a surface that gets damaged a little easier than polished concrete.  If you are looking to apply a finish to an area that requires less cosmetic impact, this can be a fantastic option.



Whatever finish or look you’re after, Eco Grind are experts in helping people through the decision-making process, as well as the concrete polishing process itself!

For more information on different Melbourne polished concrete finishes, or for an obligation-free quote, contact us today, and see what makes Eco Grind industry leaders in concrete polishing!