Eco Grind - Warehouse Concrete Finish

Warehouse Concrete Finish

Eco Grind recommends a Warehouse Concrete Finish for concrete slabs that are older, and have previous damage. This damages may have been caused by weather, paint, cracking in the concrete, nail holes and grout from previous floor surfaces, glue and other damage to the concrete surface.

Eco Grind will grind off approximately 3mm – 4mm off the top of the existing concrete slab. As we grind off the top, we can start to see some of the previous life of the concrete. Occasionally seeing the footprints and screed marks from the original concreter, which gives a nice characteristic and uniqueness to your floor.

The amount of aggregate (pebbles) that are viewable can vary depending on how much off the top of the surface is grounded off.

This can leave us with varying degrees of exposure of the concrete. Nil Exposure, Random Exposure and Full Exposure. Eco Grind will assist you and advise on how much we recommend to grind off and what finish you may expect.

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Eco Grind - Warehouse Finish

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