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Burnish Finish Concrete

A Burnish Finish provides a hard-wearing, durable finish with a surface lustre. It’s usually achieved by steel troweling the surface until the concrete surface takes on a polished or glossy appearance the floor.

‘Burnished’ concrete finish will usually be specified where a surface free of troweling marks is required by the client.
A Burnished Finish is traditionally produced by using a steel trowel until a very smooth finish and glossy appearance is obtained over a multi stage process. Additional powered troweling is required to produce a Burnished Finish will ensure that no screed marks or footprints appear on the surface of the concrete. Because of the amount of troweling required to achieve this finish, the use of a power troweling machine is required. Troweling is best carried out prior to the walls being constructed as the entire floor area is accessible for a power trowel.

It is important for the concreter to achieve an even finish with a level of sheen. This may possibly pose a problems down the track with the choice of a sealer that can bond with the glossy concrete surface. Careful consideration is required on the type of sealer specified. Eco Grind are happy to assist and advice on what course to take.

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