A Satin Finish is a great way to feature polished concrete floors without the big, flashy shine of a high gloss finish.

We cater for a variety of looks, patterns, sealers and exposures that can provide you with endless choices for your home or business. So, what makes a satin finish a unique and modern choice?

satin finish

A satin finish concrete floor has a slight shine without the reflective surface of high gloss but not as flat as a matte finish. The level of polish a satin finish goes through is basic, and not as thorough and time-consuming as a full exposure high gloss.

Exposure is determined by how much we grind down the concrete to expose the aggregate (the small rocks in the concrete that create our gorgeous patterns). With a satin or matte finish, the amount the aggregate needing to be exposed is moderate to minimal.

The sealer also determines the level of shine or matte and helps to display and protect the polished concrete floors beneath it. A satin epoxy or polyurethane sealer is a great choice because of their long-lasting coverage and scratch resistance.

With all minimal exposure jobs however, there may be slight pitting, whip marks or cracks visible in the concrete. This is because the concrete hasn’t been polished intensely enough to smooth out imperfections completely.

This however doesn’t affect any of the properties that all polished concrete floors have. The sealer is still applied and offers the same protective qualities as even the most polished of floors! A satin finish is still hypo-allergenic, long-lasting, non-yellowing, low maintenance and easy to clean.

satin finish

A satin finish is also a great choice because of its economical quality. The less time spend on grinding and polishing, the less money spent! It’s a great option for places that don’t necessarily need the ‘full Monty’ of floors but would like a bit of modern flare. Some examples include:

  • Your garage at home
  • An office space
  • A busy retail floor
  • Factory
  • High traffic commercial space
  • Outdoor dining/recreation area
  • basement flooring


A satin finish -regardless of it’s simplicity – will still offer a sophisticated modern look without the high price tag. For a beautiful polished concrete floor, designed to your taste, contact us today at EcoGrind.