Do you have concrete flooring that lacks that pizzazz?

At EcoGrind, we can add shine and vitality to your home or office by polishing existing concrete floors.

Polishing Existing Concrete Floors


Some spaces such factories, offices, retail spaces, community centres or garages sometimes come with concrete slabs instead of alternative flooring. Don’t fret however, owning a space with a concrete floor may be one of the best and useful things to have happen to you!

With a pure and unpolished concrete floor, the possibilities are vast as to how you’re going to update and freshen them up.

At EcoGrind, we can grind and seal existing concrete floors with our state of the art grinders and materials. But first, how would you like your floors?


The best part of polishing existing concrete floors is that they will be unique to you and your space. We can grind your concrete floors to any level you desire. If you have a pre-existing concrete floor with added aggregate (small stones) you have the choice of exposure and how high or low you’d like it. The higher the exposure, the more the stones will be revealed as we grind for longer.

Polishing Existing Concrete Floors

The grinding process also removes lumps and bumps, creating a smooth surface and a beautiful shine. The level of shine is, again, up to you. Depending on your taste and where the concrete floor is situated, you may like to opt for a high gloss shine (perfect for retail or commercial spaces that would like to look more fashionable) or a subtle shine (ideal for garages or patio areas).


The seal is an important step when polishing existing concrete floors. Adding a sealer helps protect your design and creates a long-lasting and scratch-resistant floor.

There are different types of sealers with varying thicknesses that each are ideal for different situations. For more on sealers, visit our Sealer Blog.

Our sealers create a waterproof surface and allergen free barrier which is perfect for allergy sufferers and areas that may encounter a spill here and there.

Polishing Existing Concrete Floors

Polishing existing concrete floors is an economical and useful way to update your space. For more information, take a look at our past blogs. For a quote, contact us today at EcoGrind!