Are you building your new home from scratch?  Are you a fan of polished concrete Narre Warren?

Then you have the opportunity to create a perfect foundation, just like the owners of this property did, with open cut polished concrete Narre Warren.

Knowing that they wanted to dress up their home with polished concrete floors, these clever home-owners were able to take advantage of the open cut technique.  Doing so ensured that their slab was just right for a prime outcome.

The open cut process is exactly how it sounds.  When the slab is first laid, the initial cut is done before the wall frames are constructed.  This takes the top layer off the slab, revealing the aggregate underneath.  Once the walls have been built, the concrete is then polished and sealed according to the owners’ wishes.

There are a number of great advantages to open cut polished concrete Narre Warren.  It simplifies the process, speeding it up considerably.  Imagine being able to do that initial cut on one big open space, rather than having to navigate around walls, tight spaces or work on individual rooms!  It also makes it easier to achieve a consistent finish.

The first cut can also be the messiest part of the process, so being able to complete this before the walls go up means a much easier to clean up!

In most new builds, property owners know that they want polished concrete during the planning stages.  This allows for better preparation and execution when it comes to pouring the slab itself.  A well-laid slab ensures an even more spectacular exposure and finish.

Are you interested in more open cut polished concrete work?  Check out our past open cut jobs in Ferny Creek, Montrose and Yarra Glen.

Narre Warren is located in the outer South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, which goes to show that high end, sophisticated finishes are not limited to inner city living.

With a demographic that includes a lot of younger families, and many homes that have generous backyards, polished concrete Narre Warren floors are a brilliant solution.  Kids and pets often traipse in mess from fun outdoor activities, so a flooring surface that is easy to look after is vital.  Polished concrete is also damage-resistant – and anything that can withstand energetic playtime for many years is perfect in our book!

Whether you are planning a new home, or have an established home with an older slab, the Eco Grind team is the one to call.  We can help with everything from open cut concrete polishing, to grind and seal solutions.

Contact Eco Grind today, for an obligation free quote, and let us find the perfect polished concrete solution for your home.