Our grinding process here at EcoGrind creates some of the most spectacular looking patterns for your polished concrete floors.

Our open cut polished concrete floors are so popular, your home or commercial space won’t look the same without them!

When we go through our grind and seal process, we use a method called open cut which simply is a way of describing the procedure of cutting or grinding down the surface of the concrete to exposure the rocks and stones inside it.

Before all of this however, we have to lay the concrete down!


We start by consulting our design that we have planned with you and getting to the chosen location and setting down the concrete. Whether it’s a slab for a foundation of a home or inside a pre-built location  – we can prepare your concrete for you.

We mix the concrete and add the aggregate – the stones and rocks that create the stunning design on our open cut polished concrete floors.  Depending on what type of exposure you want (full, low or random) we set the aggregate accordingly.

Next we let the concrete set for a certain amount of time before we start to cut away the top layer of concrete to expose the beautiful design!

After this we can polished and seal to your taste – be it high gloss for a classical shine or a matte finish for a modern, sleek look. You can also choose the colours of the aggregate and the sealer to created unique and funky designs to suit your home or business.

More on the grinding process or on different types of sealers.

As always, our floors are allergen free and scratch resistant making for a long lasting and superior floor for the modern-day home and space!

We have a range of different options and designs for your open cut polished concrete floors, simply contact us to help design the floors of your dreams!

Contact us today at EcoGrind for a quote and more information on open cut polished concrete floors.