Do you live in an area amongst the wetlands, ranges or cooler regions of Victoria where a rainy day is common?


Polished Concrete in Wet Areas is a great flooring solution for your indoor and outdoor spaces – here’s why!

Polished Concrete in Wet Areas


If you’re looking for flooring for your outdoor area, polished concrete floors are one of the most resilient and tough types of floors you can choose from. Firstly, polished concrete floors are waterproof. Our grind and seal process creates a shiny, reflective and protective surface which cannot absorb water (like carpet or wood) or become discoloured (like stone or bare tiles).

This makes for easy clean up – from a spill to a storm! A simple mop or sweep is all you need now for your outdoor area.

Not to mention, the seal used to create this waterproof layer is completely pet and child friendly. Once the layer is dry, there is no chemical residue or chipping. You can rest assured any touching or playing on the surface will be safe and healthy.

Here at EcoGrind, your floors are up to you. So you can have many different variables regarding your floors, including the amount of shine, amount of exposure and of course colour!

You can also opt for Acid Etch Flooring, which is another option in outdoor floor. Read more here.

Polished Concrete in Wet Areas

Don’t forget your indoor areas too! In particularly damp climates, condensation can form and damage many types of indoor flooring options with mould or decay.

Polished concrete floors are long-lasting and resistant to scratches and scuffs and cannot collect and harbour allergens. This prevents the chance of any bacteria growth and helps keep your home healthy.

Even with a damp climate, the same rules apply as per the outdoor polished concrete – cleaning is very simple, the surface is waterproof and the looks are up to you!

Polished Concrete in Wet Areas are a great idea and an affordable idea for your home and wallet.

Polished Concrete in Wet Areas

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