Acid Etching Melbourne FAQ- Acid etching flooring is a fantastic way to bring out the life if your existing or new concrete floor. This process results in a smooth, sand textured surface that is also non slip.

Concrete that hasn’t been treated in any way after being poured can be too hard and smooth to accept paint or protective sealants. However, acid etching (or washing) concrete with acid opens the pores of the concrete and prepares the surface to accept its next treatment. Though it’s also possible to prepare the concrete manually by abrading it with a grinder, acid etching is generally much less labor-intensive.

Acid Etching Melbourne FAQ – Acid etching is most suited to outdoor areas such as driveways, patios and also wet areas like around your pool and outdoor spa.

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Is the Eco Grind Acid Etch procedure dangerous?

Any Acid Etch procedure should be carried out with immense amount of care and precision. We highly recommend sourcing out a professional to avoid any and all complications associated with the procedure.  The final result will have no acid left and the results are simply remarkable! A non slip surface that is aesthetically pleasing and easy on your family’s feet!

Can I have tiled areas interspersed with Eco Grind Acid Etch concrete?

Absolutely! The use of differing surface types is quite appealing, especially outdoor areas. Architects and landscape designers are frequentley requesting this style due to it’s great look.

Can I have Eco Grind Acid Etch applied to the old concrete that surrounds my swimming pool?

Of course you can! We are able to referbish your old concrete into something of sheer beauty! A fresh new look and a pleasant surface to walk on. We will need to inspect the condition of the floor to determine the level of exposure we are able to achieve.

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