All rooms can benefit from a great-looking, durable flooring choice.  But when it comes to polished concrete floors – kitchens are the centre of the home.  They deserve nothing but the best!

At Eco Grind, we have created our fair share of stunning polished concrete floors – kitchens are among our favourite jobs.

The advantages of having a polished concrete kitchen floor don’t just end with aesthetics.  As we’ve discussed in previous articles, polished concrete floors are easy to clean. They are grout free, great for allergy-prone family members and extremely durable.  You don’t need to worry about ground-in grime, or about damaging your floor with a dropped kitchen item!

And of course, there is the beautiful, luxurious look and feel of polished concrete.  Just check out some of our favourite polished concrete floors – kitchens galore!


Polished Concrete Floors - Kitchens

This has to be one of the most stunning kitchen floors we’ve ever completed!  The owners of this home decided to create a continuous floor look from the kitchen right through to the living area, including the step down with a bevelled edge.  We think it looks amazing!  It opens up the area, raises the sophistication bar, and has all the usual practical qualities that you get with polished concrete floors.

One of our favourite things about this particular floor is the amazing aggregate that we uncovered with random exposure techniques.





Polished Concrete Floors - Kitchens

20150721_171101For something a little different, we helped the owner of this Bittern property create a striking, industrial look to their polished concrete kitchen floors with a warehouse finish.  It balances so well with the scale of the kitchen and can’t be beaten for practicality!



Polished Concrete Floors - Kitchens

Polished Concrete Floors - KitchensThis absolutely stunning property in Mornington shows the difference feature polished concrete floors can make, especially when it creates a seamless, consistent look.


A perfect aggregate finish, wall to ceiling windows, and beautiful lighting – all taking modern, quality finishes to the next level.




Eco Grind - Polished Concrete Floor Cairnlea (5)

This is one of our favourite modern kitchens!    Full exposure aggregate with a gloss finish, highlighting the white kitchen cupboards and benchtops.  We are also big fans of the light fittings and how they balance with the tones in the floor!



Whatever your personal style, it’s hard to look past the practical and aesthetic advantages of polished concrete floors – kitchens, in particular, look and feel amazing with a polished concrete floor!

Contact Eco Grind today for an obligation-free quote, and find out how easy it is to make your floors shine!