Melbourne concrete grinding is fast becoming an extremely popular service.

Concrete isn’t a boring slab of cement anymore – it’s a floor with potential to become a long-lasting and beautiful surface!

So what is it about Melbourne concrete grinding that is so important? Here at EcoGrind, we strive for quality concrete grinding services in Melbourne with great results and stunning designs.

Our Grind and Seal technique involves high-standard equipment and a lot of passion for our craft! Grind and Seal involves preparing the floor and grinding the concrete. Our polishing machines are equipped with diamond abrasive grits and helps achieve the level of shine and smoothness you decide upon.

You can choose from a range of different levels of polish, shine and exposure! From the highest of shines to the most modern matte concrete floors you desire! No matter what condition your current concrete floor is in, we will evaluate it and include a repair while we Grind and Seal.

melbourne concrete grindingmelbourne concrete grindingmelbourne concrete grinding

We also have a range of sealers to choose from to add on top of your finished polished concrete floors. These include Acrylic, Epoxy and Polyurethane – each have varying thickness but all have a scratch-resistant and waterproof quality that makes your floors last for years. (See our sealer blog for more information).

The benefits of polished concrete floors are why they are so popular for the modern home. They are easy to maintain and clean, they do not need special chemicals, waxes or cleaners, they do not scratch easily, they are hypo-allergenic and of course, pet friendly.

melbourne concrete grinding

The best part is that polished concrete floors can be used almost anywhere – home, office, retail or commercial.

At EcoGrind, we aim to give you the modern polished concrete floors you dream of (and deserve!) with our quality Melbourne concrete grinding. For more information or a quote for your next Melbourne concrete grinding job, contact us at EcoGrind.