Hiperfloor / superfloor Concrete Polishing System



Hiperfloor or Superfloor is polished concrete at its best!


While polished concrete requires little maintenance, we always recommend you follow some sort of maintenance to keep your polished floors pristine. There is no need for a re-coat later on in the floor’s life. Increased abrasion resistance and impact strength occurs as a result of the polishing process.

The Hiperfloor / Superfloor system has no need for  the use of toxic chemicals, which in turn creates a healthier environment for your home/work spaces-  an amazing benefit of hiperfloors.

The hiperfloor concrete polishing system is not only visually appealing but can handle a large amount of traffic, combined with low maintenance, this makes the hiperfloors a material of choice in industrial, commercial and retail environments.

This type of flooring is now fast becoming a must have within the residential market as well for the same reasons. Not only will it with stand daily traffic of the human kind but it is fantastic for if you have pets as well!

If you have any question about the hiperfloor concrete polishing system don’t hesitate to contact us!