Eco Grind - Grind and Seal Warehouse Finish

This kitchen in Bittern has had the Eco Grind treatment of transforming their kitchen and living spaces in their home in Bittern.

The floor was grinded back (Grind & Seal) and given a Warehouse Finish. The warehouse while not normally used inside a residential home, that gives a vibrancy and unique atmosphere to the home. It works beautifully in the kitchen area and throughout the other living spaces of the house.

A Warehouse Finish with your Grind and Seal floors can rejuvenate your existing concrete floor to give it new life. Warehouse finishes are unique in that it depends on the quality and current condition of your floor to which characteristics stand out.

Eco Grind will grind off approximately 3 to 4 millimetres off the top of the existing slab, then as we grind off the top, we can start to see some of the previous life of the concrete, showing off its traits.

You can find out more information about Grind and Seal and Warehouse Finishes, or with any further questions contact us at Eco Grind – your Grind and Seal Experts today!


Eco Grind Latest Work – Grind and Seal Concrete Floor with a Warehouse Finish:

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