A full gloss Polyurethane floor is possibly one of the most heavy-duty and long-lasting floors available to you.

Here at EcoGrind, you can choose your sealer over your freshly polished concrete floor, so why not choose Polyurethane?


What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a sealer that is twice as thick as acrylic sealer and very is protective. It is ideal for floors that take a lot of traffic, as it is durable, scratch resistant and doesn’t yellow. Perfect for a retail space, an office or a lively home, Polyurethane keeps your polished concrete floor secure and looking fresh and new for years to come.

When choosing a Polyurethane sealer  make sure you remember it is a seasonal application. This simply means it’s best applied during warmer and dry months so the sealer doesn’t encounter moisture. Letting the sealer dry properly ensures a smooth and even surface for you to enjoy.

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Why Full Gloss?


If you’re looking for an extremely shiny and reflective surface to give your home or office that little spark of class, full gloss Polyurethane floors are for you!

Full gloss is the highest level of shine and smoothness we can reach when we grind concrete floors. The Polyurethane sealer adds lovely sheen and protects your concrete.

So for an elegant touch whilst still remaining economical, try a full gloss Polyurethane polished concrete floor.

full gloss polyurethane


What are the Benefits?


Polyurethane is, once again, extremely protective. It is chip resistant, water-proof and ideal for long wear.

In a home, a full gloss Polyurethane floor will give a classic look to any room and won’t need to be constantly maintained. Aside from the occasional mop or sweep of course!

From constant pulling of chairs in the dining room to a play room in never-ending chaos – full gloss Polyurethane can survive it all and stay as shiny as ever.

In a retail space, a full gloss Polyurethane sealer with lighten up any store or café. Not to mention protect itself from the daily wear-and-tear of retail or hospitality.

It will offer customers a sophisticated space to roam or admire, and will leave your business free for long maintenance bills.

Lastly, in a commercial space, this full gloss sealer will brighten up any factory, office or conference room leaving a great impression of your business.

In addition to these benefits, full gloss Polyurethane floors will not only aesthetically leave you feeling good, but will also have you feeling healthier too. For those that suffer from allergies, Polyurethane is allergen and mite resistant. So you’ll have to worry less, and enjoy more!


For a secure and beautiful sealer for your polished concrete floors, chose full gloss Polyurethane. Contact us for more information and let us here at EcoGrind take care of the rest.