When it comes to polishing concrete, there are several different exposure options to achieve a spectacular look without breaking the bank.

With different exposure levels and finishes, concrete polishing is a popular and trendy decorative option that more and more people are choosing for its many advantages, including durability and slip resistance.

Exposure refers to the amount of aggregate (stones) within a concrete mix that’s visible after grinding and polishing. Aggregate is either incorporated into the mix or seeded onto the surface, and the different exposure outcomes depend on the initial application and finish of the concrete.

As a rule of thumb, the flatter the finish, the better the results of exposure will be. It is important to communicate your intentions with your concreter, as concrete that’s being prepared to be covered by other flooring won’t have as many different exposure options as concrete laid for polishing and grinding.

Different exposure

Nil Exposure

While extremely sought after, nil exposure concrete is the hardest finish to achieve since it’s only possible to get the best results when the concrete is perfectly laid. Just a small in variation can lead to uneven patches of aggregate showing through, resulting in an inconsistent finish. When done correctly, the result is a slick, glossy surface.

Different exposure

Random Exposure

Often referred to as “salt and pepper”, random exposure results in some areas with little to no exposure and others with considerably more exposure. It is a popular choice for both residential and commercial floors due to its visual impact.

Different exposure

Full Exposure

Full exposure reveals as much stone as possible and is achieved by grinding more of the concrete surface. Once again, the effectiveness depends on how well the concrete has been poured and what mix has been used. This look is more labour-intensive than nil or random exposure as the concrete requires more intensive grinding for the stones to show through consistently.

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