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Nil Exposure Finish Concrete Floors

A Nil Exposure finish, or occasionally known as a Salt and Pepper or Light Finish is where there is only minimal exposure of aggregate (pebbles) on the surface.

A Nil Exposed finish is beautiful, however it is imperative to note that the evenness of aggregate (pebbles) exposed is absolutely reliant upon the quality of the slab. We grind off 1mm – 3mm of the concrete slab, so what is underneath effects the overall quality of the Nil Exposed finish.

This concrete finish can be achieved with a remarkable consistency of aggregate density if the slab is prepared by an experienced concreter who understands the finishing required.

A Nil Exposed finish is not difficult to achieve with Eco Grind. We grind off a slight amount off the top of the slab (1mm – 3mm) to help achieve the finish.

If you desire a perfect Nil Exposed finish for your concrete flooring, the slab must be flat and highly burnished with multiple passes with a high powered trowel. The concreter responsible for the concrete slab must ensure that there are no footprints or screed marks in the surface. The concreter must almost burnish the concrete slab as close to the edges as they can, any unevenness in the finish will not have the desired Nil Exposed finish.

Please, it is important to note for yourself, your architect and designer, that the quality of the concrete slab is imperative to the overall finish of your floor. With this is mind, Eco Grind cannot be responsible for any imperfections (screed marks, footprints marks, wrong conditions for the slab pouring) due to the original concrete slab. Contact Eco Grind for further details and advice to achieve the perfect concrete slab for your needs.

For further information about Nil Exposed Concrete Polishing, contact Eco Grind – Nil Exposed Concrete Finish Experts – today!

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