Want to create a floor that is easy to maintain, low allergen and also looks great? That’s where Eco Grind, Concrete Polishing Kew – can come and help you create the floor that is right for your home or business. With a large variety of colours and finishes available, Eco Grind can transform an ordinary concrete floor into an amazing space!

Be inspired from some of previous work in Kew – Full Exposure Polished Concrete in Kew and First Class Finish for Communal Floors.

Eco Grind – Concrete Polishing Kew

With polished concrete ever evolving to suit the diverse needs of individuals and their style, concrete flooring is currently making an impact throughout the home improvements and styling industries. And it’s easy to see why!

Eco Grind - Concrete Polishing Kew

With the latest in polishing equipment and techniques, Eco Grind are now grinding and polishing concrete floor surfaces for homes and businesses across Melbourne.

If you floor is a slab of new concrete or an existing base, concrete polishing is a favourite in interior design. High glossy floors gives your home that “Wow!” factor that guests will certainly be impressed with.
Not just indoors, we can also provide great concrete floor solutions for outdoor needs, including driveways, pathways and steps.

Eco Grind – Indoor and Outdoor Concrete Polishing Kew and all over Melbourne

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Eco Grind - Concrete Polishing Kew Concrete Polishers