We’re proud to announce the successful completion of this Kew full exposure polished concrete job, giving these homeowners a brand new living space in Melbourne’s inner east!

We worked hard to transform this yet-unfinished building into a slick and modern living space while making sure to balance it with a homely and comfortable ambience. It’s just another example showing the magic of Kew full exposure polished concrete!

For this Kew full exposure polished concrete work, we used full exposure concrete grinding. This means we sought to mix the highest amount of pebbles possible into the concrete and then grind it down so they can be clearly seen.

Kew Full Exposure Polished Concrete

Full exposure polished concrete creates a breathtaking final product. It always looks clean and matches most home decor and architectural styles. As pebbles are easier to polish, they create heightened shine and gloss – so the more aggregate, the stronger the effect. We find this look to be much better for a living space than a low exposure. A low exposure, with fewer or no visible pebbles, creates a more professional look suitable for an office or showroom.

The pebbles are also completely customisable. Depending on your sense of style and decor, different sizes and colours can be used. From the monochrome to the bright and colourful – you can decide!

Kew Full Exposure Polished Concrete

For this job, our customer desired pebbles of black, white and great.  This was a smart choice, as this simple colour scheme would pair with most decor and wouldn’t be dominating or distracting.  The concrete was also ground fully, to take advantage of the stunning aggregate within. 

Full Exposure Polished Concrete

Using this unique aggregate and colour scheme, we think the final product turned out to be very aesthetically pleasing! As a bonus, polished concrete is also easy to clean, difficult to damage and is made to last. Our customers in Kew will never have the headaches associated with other flooring types ever again!

If you’re interested in this look, and would like to inquire about a similar one for your home or business, Eco Grind can help! We have the knowledge, experience and skill to handle any polished concrete requests, whether it be full exposure or another, so your space can be transformed just like this one in Kew.

Contact the team at Eco Grind today to create a brand new polished concrete living space for your own home.

Polished Concrete Kew