Eco Grind – Concrete Polishers Balwyn North – are experienced in all aspects of concrete polishing, grinding and acid etched concrete. Whether you’re looking to construct a tough, long lasting commercial floor, a non slip polished concrete floor for your store, or concrete around your home, Eco Grind can do it all.

Take a look through some of Eco Grind’s previous work in Balwyn – Balwyn Garage Concrete Floor

Eco Grind – Concrete Polishers Balwyn North

When you’re looking for an experienced team of Concrete Polishers, look no further than the crew from Eco Grind – Concrete Polishers in Melbourne.

With years of experience in the industry, Eco Grind has the know how, the latest in equipment and all at the right price to ensure that your polished concrete floors will look amazing for years to come.

Eco Grind - Concrete Polishers Balwyn East

Concrete is an extremely hard and strong material, that barely shows any sign of age and wear. This means that high heels, heavy furniture, children and animals won’t scratch or damage the surface of the floor. Being such a durable material also means concrete polishing results in low maintenance flooring, making it the perfect, easy to care for solution for the busy, modern household.

Eco Grind – Industrial, Commercial & Residential Concrete Polishers Balwyn North

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Eco Grind - Concrete Polishers Balwyn North Concrete Polishing