Who said that garages have to be boring?!  There are so many ways to make your garage an exciting space, like this recent Balwyn garage concrete floors grind and seal with a fantastic green sealer.

Balwyn garage concrete floors grind and sealGarages in Australia wear many hats, they are the true all round performers, and often get overlooked.  Whether your garage houses your cars, or serves as a workshop, gym or multi-purpose entertaining space, you can shift from drab grey concrete to something more eye-catching.  We recently undertook this Balwyn garage concrete floors grind and seal, and turned a boring space into a green getaway!

Grind and seal is the latest in garage concrete floor rejuvenation.  It involves preparing and grinding your concrete floor to bring it back to life.  We use a heavy duty polishing machine equipped with diamond abrasive grits to grind the surface.  You can choose from either a matte or gloss finish.

Once we’ve restored your concrete floor, we use a sealer, which is available in acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane.  The final finish is in your choice of either satin or gloss.

A concrete finish like this Balwyn garage concrete floors grind and seal is perfect for areas that experience low traffic, or just need a makeover to give the area a new look!  Garages, driveways and outdoor areas are often restored with a grind and seal, as well as some low traffic areas in the home such as living and dining areas.

If you opt for a grind and seal, you will enjoy the same benefits that polished concrete has to offer.  Low maintenance, easy to clean, hypo-allergenic, durable – and sophisticated good looks! Balwyn garage concrete floors grind and seal

Eco Grind can assess your existing concrete surface and advise on your best options for a brilliant outcome.  With exceptional customer service and expertise, you will be thrilled with your floors after the Eco Grind treatment!

Create a new look and invest in quality flooring that lasts.  Contact Eco Grind today and get started on restoring your tired concrete floors!