You’ve been planning your new home for a long time and have fallen in love with the look of polished concrete. Here’s our guide to Concrete Polishing for New Homes.

If you are planning or building a new home, you’re in luck! While polishing concrete in existing homes is possible and yields amazing results, starting with a fresh plan and style inspiration goes a long way.

So, what are the benefits of concrete polishing for new homes, and beginning at… well… the beginning?

Aggregate Goals

Imaging choosing your aggregate mix to match your preferred style and colour palette. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a unique, fantastic surprise at the end. The reveal will still be exciting. What is does mean is that you have some control over the overall tone of the floor, the pebble colours and sizes, and whether you would like to add any touches such as colour of bling to the mix.

Concrete Polishing for New Homes Open Cut
Concrete Polishing for New Homes

Open Cut Ease

Open cut is wonderful. With this technique, we grind and polish the slab before any of the framework is added. The benefits of doing this are nothing to be scoffed at. It means that all visible areas of your polished floors are perfectly consistent. It also reduces labour time, as we don’t have to navigate walls and corners. In addition, all the grinding dust is done and gone before any structural works begin.

At Eco Grind, we do a lot of open cut polished concrete floors, and encourage anyone building a new home to complete their concrete works as soon as the slab is finished.

Modern Value

Whatever style of finish you choose, concrete polishing is the perfect complement to new, modern homes and adds value. You can’t deny that a fresh new build with clean lines and modern cabinetry is packed with wow-factor.


Are you planning a new build? Get in touch with Eco Grind’s team of polished concrete experts to arrange a consultation and quote.

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