Are you looking to add a bright energy to one of your most used spaces?  Bring a smile to everyone’s faces with yellow themed bathrooms with polished concrete floors.

Imagine the colour themes you find in most bathrooms. Lately, whites and greys probably come to mind?  But you should never disregard a bold, energetic colour.  Yellow themed bathrooms with polished concrete floors make a great combination.

Let your bathroom stand out from the rest.  Choosing yellow themed bathrooms with polished concrete floors will make them memorable, while maintaining a cool, pleasant aura that will make each visit a relaxing and exciting experience for the senses.

Yellow themed bathrooms with polished concrete floors are the perfect addition to a unique and modern house, or for those looking to add a bit of flair to a more traditional house. Whether you go bright with a statement paint colour, or simply add a few elements of yellow themed decor, be prepared to Wow your guests.

A bright yellow will bring the feeling of sun and summer into your bathroom, making it a more enjoyable place to spend time.

Choose a soft lemon or butter yellow to keep things subtle, or go bold with sunflower yellow or golden tones.

To further your bathroom experience, a yellow themed bathroom will pair perfectly with a polished concrete floor. Polished concrete floors are the ultimate floor for any room that tends to get wet or messy. Whether it be a kitchen, a bathroom, or a laundry, having a concrete floor means you’ll never have to worry about damage through continuous exposure to water or dampness. With a bathroom being one of the wettest rooms in the house, polished concrete is the ideal solution.

The cool touch and sleek modern feeling a polished concrete floor projects will add to the brightness that radiates from the yellow decor in your bathroom, making the ultimate combination to creating the perfect bathroom.

Does the thought of a yellow bathroom pique your interest?  Here are some of our favourite yellow themed bathrooms with polished concrete floors!

Classic Twist on Modern Yellow
Yellow Themed Bathrooms with Polished Concrete Floors

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Add a sunny bright yellow that borders on gold to a grey base, and you have a brilliant contrast.  There is almost an art deco fusion feel to the design. 

Pop Art Favourite
Yellow Bathrooms with Polished Concrete Floors

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We are loving this bathroom, with the bright yellow wall colour, pop art print, and white contrast.  This looks fantastic with nil exposure polished concrete floors.

Narrow and Bright
Yellow Themed Bathroom with Polished Concrete

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It might be a narrow bathroom, but the colour choices and natural light really make it feel roomier.  The dark contrast towel rail adds something extra to the bathroom, and makes a practical element actually stand out as a feature.

Mosaic Tile Magic
Yellow Bathrooms with Polished Concrete

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There’s a lot to like about this bathroom, with the bold mosaic tile in yellow, grey and white.  With such a statement tile choice, it makes sense keep the rest of the bathroom simple.  Polished concrete floors make the perfect support act!

Subtle and Romantic
Yellow Bathrooms with Concrete Polishing

Image Source: Dutch Boy

Yellow doesn’t have to be bright.  The soft butter yellow of this more traditionally styled bathroom shows just how lovely yellow can be.


Rather than just having a quiet and sterile bathroom hidden away in a corner somewhere, build your house or renovate with a yellow themed bathroom with a polished concrete floor so that your bathroom becomes one of your home’s most astonishing aspects.

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so it deserves the same respect and attention we give other rooms of the house! Make each visit as nice as spending time in your kitchen, lounge room or veranda by creating a yellow themed bathroom with polished concrete floors.

Get on board with a yellow themed bathroom, and pair it with polished concrete flooring.  For all of your concrete polishing questions, contact the Eco Grind team today.