Looking to revamp your living room, outdoor area, or even your business? Consider a Grind and Seal Concrete Floor for a lasting, modern look.

A grind and seal concrete floor has many benefits that you will notice straight away. Other than giving a stylish and contemporary feel to your living zones and workspaces, it is cost-effective, easy to clean, and a long-lasting flooring option.

What is involved in installing a grind and seal concrete floor?

Your new or existing concrete floor is ground back to your preferred level of exposure with a machine loaded with diamond-abrasive grits. You can have full exposure, which will take the aggregate right down to its deepest level and give a stunning finish. Alternatively, partial exposure is more rustic and provides a unique salt-and-pepper look. Thereafter, acid etching prepares the surface for full absorption of an acrylic, polyurethane, or epoxy topical coating. Finally, you can choose a glossy or satin finish, depending on the sealer that is used.

Why You Need a Grind and Seal Concrete Floor

It’s a sustainable option

This type of flooring is a more sustainable option because it utilises concrete, which is already present in the space. It is more durable and does not chip, unlike other flooring materials like timber and marble. Concrete is ultra strong, so it is great for high foot-traffic areas. They are easy to clean and maintain too – you won’t need harsh chemicals to get the job done. This type of floor is also a low allergen option and completely non-porous, too, so it doesn’t harbour bacteria. Your family and pets can live freely on this surface. In addition to all these features, grind and seal concrete floors are modern and stylish and can suit different decor styles.


Now is a great time to freshen up your surroundings. For that contemporary facelift you want for your home or business, contact the team at Eco Grind today.

Grind and Seal Concrete Floor