Do your floors need a major revamp? Full Exposure Concrete may be just what you’re looking for, especially if you’re after real wow factor.

Full exposure concrete is a popular look for home and commercial spaces. With the choice of glossy or matte finishes, colours that match your décor, and easy cleaning, it’s the ideal flooring solution for many. Let’s get into why it’s so great.

What is full exposure concrete?

It means that your concrete is grinded right down to the maximum exposure of stones. About 5mm of concrete is removed and it is the best way to achieve consistency in exposure. Despite being the easiest level to achieve (that’s why it’s so popular), it yields remarkable results. With this level, the stones will be more easily polished, meaning your concrete can better retain gloss.

Full Exposure Concrete

What is actually involved?

Heavy duty polishing machines equipped with diamond abrasive grits will grind down the surface of the floor to your desire level of shine and smoothness. The concrete can be new or existing – no matter what condition your floor is in, it can be evaluated and repaired to whatever you require. There are different levels of exposure – full, random, or nil. Follow that with an acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane sealer that results in either satin or gloss finish.

The cost-effective choice

Full exposure concrete, or any polished concrete, is cost-effective. It’s a sustainable design option because it will use materials already present in the space.

It’s hard wearing and easy to clean

Polished concrete is easy to clean. No harsh chemicals or strenuous back work are required. Being virtually impossible to chip (unlike timber or other materials) and scratch resistant makes it super hardwearing. It’s hypoallergenic, too. Anyone can live and work on this surface!

It comes in a range of colours

Polished concrete looks amazing in entertainment areas, dining room, kitchen, or hallway. Wherever you choose to have it, you’re not limited to bland colours. The polished concrete choice brings with it a variety of colours and tones to complement any style or colour palette.


Full exposure concrete will have your floors looking stylish, while being a breeze for you to maintain. To find out all your options, get in touch with Eco Grind today.

Full Exposure Concrete