White Polished Concrete Floors: Simple Solutions Bringing Beauty and Light To Your Space

Providing aesthetic beauty, white polished concrete floors have gained popularity within residential homes and commercial spaces.

When designing a home or commercial space, functionality is just as important than design. White polished concrete floors not only bring style to your space, but also creates an ambience with extra light compared to darker polished concrete flooring options.

Thanks to its functionality, designers and architects are opting for brighter colours more than ever. White polished concrete floors are a sustainable option, as its reflective properties are a great way to save on energy costs and provides lighting efficiency. Compared to darker flooring options, lighter colours reflect up to 70% more. Not only do white flooring options brighten up the room, it reduces the need for artificial light

White Polished Concrete Floors

Besides its sustainable properties, there are many great benefits of polished concrete. They are not only easy to clean, but they are also scratch resistant and hypoallergenic. These are important consideration when choosing the best flooring choice for your space.

Polished concrete can provide so many different options creating a unique look every time. From full or partial exposure to matte or gloss finish, your polished concrete options are endless. Whether you are polishing new or existing concrete floors, polished concrete will provide so much character. Visually stunning, white polished concrete floors will provide a great canvas for your space allowing you to add a pop of colour and a beautiful array of furniture and fittings to your space. Besides functionality, white is a fresh and appealing colour that instantly brings beauty and light into your area.

To get the best out of your space, Eco Grind can provide a great deal of knowledge and expertise on polished concrete. No matter the condition of your floors, Eco Grind has the expertise to create an aesthetically beautiful flooring solution that has many wonderful benefits.

Contact one of our friendly staff for everything you need to know about white polished concrete floors, its reflectivity and choosing the best style for your space. With years of experience, our team are happy to help with all your flooring needs. Book a consultation today and bring your design vision to life with the best in the business.