girnd and seal

What is Grind and Seal?

For Australians, when looking for a state of the art flooring option there are now more choices than ever. While the more traditional timber and tiles dominated the past, the present and future are being dominated by an old classic, concrete. Concrete has a myriad of customisation options, is naturally stable and robust, and can be used in virtually any space. One of the more popular options is called grind and seal.

Grind and seal is a process which removes surface irregularities from concrete, regardless of the cause, whether it’s from the long-term use or the construction process, this method will ensure that the slab will be transformed. Grind and seal flooring is an eco-friendly flooring that works for both residential and commercial spaces. The sustainable flooring option makes use of materials that are already present and can grind and seal new or existing concrete floors.

Concrete is already robust and durable, but when combined with this method its strength is substantially increased, ensuring that it will be virtually impossible under normal circumstances to chip, scratch or damage the floor.

Grind and seal involves using heavy duty machines equipped with diamond abrasives to grind the concrete and remove as many surface imperfections as possible. Sealers are applied last to help protect the concrete and give it that nice reflective shine. There are many coatings available, and the specific layer will often depend on the desired resulting look and the functionality requirements.

Grind and seal has several advantages over other flooring options including the lower cost; the process can make it comparatively more slip resistant, it can be applied to old and damaged slabs, the myriad of options for customisation and the UV resistant finishes for outdoors. It also achieves a seamless interrupted surface that doesn’t allow dust or allergens to accumulate, it’s easy to clean, and the naturally high thermal mass of concrete will enable it to absorb heat during the day and release it at night, warming the area.

Grinding often precedes significant renovations and can also refer to evening out raised areas, there are two primary methods of concrete grinding, wet and dry. Both approaches often achieve the same result, but use different techniques in the grinding process. It is a versatile flooring option and is suitable for a wide variety of purposes including homes, showrooms, retail outlets, commercial properties, factories and many others.