Wandin Polished Concrete Garage

Wandin Polished Concrete Services

Polished Concrete refers to a method of grinding away small impurities from a concrete floor and applying a protective coating. After construction, stains and other substances can often be left behind creating an eyesore and obstruction on the natural concrete floor finish. Concrete polishing is used to remove some of the old surface imperfections and transform the floor.

During the work at this Wandin polished concrete project, specialised machines equipped with diamond abrasives were used to smooth down the surface to the desired level of shine and smoothness. The initial condition of the slab didn’t matter, because regardless of the damage there is an opportunity to evaluate, repair and convert it into the kind of floor required. Floor grinding can also be used to even out raised areas, and can be applied to most concrete surfaces, like driveways, patios, paths, floors and walkways.

Wandin Polished Concrete Garage Floor Final Steps

The final step for the Wandin concrete polishing work was sealing the floor. There are sealers available in either Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane and they can be used on all concrete surfaces and can come in satin and gloss finishes.

The polished concrete method is an eco-friendly flooring method that can be used in virtually any environment, from residential and private establishments to commercial spaces. The whole process is considered a sustainable flooring option because it uses materials already present. Concrete is already hard and durable, but when combined with the polished concrete method its strength and ability to reflect damage are increased exponentially.

Wandin Polished Concrete Services
Wandin Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete Polishing can be done to new or existing concrete slabs, with full exposure, partial and many other options on offer. It also transforms the floor and increases its overall durability significantly, during the Wandin garage polished concrete floor work these were all illustrated perfectly. If your garage floor is severly marked or damaged Concrete Grind and seal can be employed to help treat the surface. There are two methods of concrete grinding, wet and dry. Both achieve a similar result but use different methods. The wet method uses water to keep the machines at a lower temperature and ensures it isn’t as dusty, and has a sleeker finish, while the dry version doesn’t use water but otherwise operates similarly.

There are now more options than ever when deciding what to use for the floor in your business or home. Concrete is quickly replacing the more traditional methods such as timber and tiles; the durable and highly customizable flooring offers many benefits and opportunities.

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