Viewbank Grind & Seal

There are quite a few items to be checked off when planning the flooring of an outdoor area. Functionality is a big one. Will the area be able to be used for the purpose intended? Will it be able to stand up to the amount of traffic we are planning on having on it? Will it stand up to the harsh and often drastic extremes of the Australian climate? Is it easily cleaned as it’s probably going to get dirty with things like pets and entertaining? Is it safe as a slippery floor is a dangerous one?

Grind & Seal

These were all questions that a recent client had for us when we travelled for a Viewbank Grind & Seal project recently. A gorgeous little concreted area perfect for entertaining and activities awaited us and a solution was needed in order to make the area functional and take advantage of the space.

Let’s start with probably the most important question posed to us. Will it be safe? With advancements in technology an additive is blended with the coating put onto the polished floor to ensure it is non slip giving you that peace of mind that the area is safe for all.

The Viewbank Grind & Seal project was going to be used for entertaining guests, as well as aid in making the side of the house area that is often wasted useable as well.

The hard wearing rock hard finish achieved ensures the floor requires virtually no maintenance to keep its gorgeous finish. A quick sweep or wipe and it’s as good as new. This makes it ideal for high traffic areas that would see a lot of activity.

It’s hard wearing properties also ensure it stands up to the drastic Melbourne weather we have all grown to love. An excellent alternative to traditional floor coverings, contact Eco Grind for your Viewbank Grind & seal needs.

Viewbank Grind and Seal