Spring is upon us! Which means summertime is right around the corner and Australians everywhere will be preparing for another sunny season with BBQs, long days by the pool, water fights and hundreds of other activities. Nowadays preparing the home can be just as important as stocking the freezer with cold drinks. Polished concrete has many benefits that can make the chaotic summertime activities trouble free, here’s How to use polished concrete to make your backyard summer ready.

Concrete is traditionally seen as a dull, mundane material better used in factories and basements. However, with modern advances in concrete polishing, this hard, durable material can be transformed into a safe, sophisticated floor that will be the envy of guests and friends alike. Polished concrete is one of the most versatile flooring options available. It has a wide variety of options, and it can be designed to suit specific needs and tastes. With a virtually unlimited number of colours and textures available you can create an outside entertainment area that will leave you itching to show it off and already start seeing How to use polished concrete to make your backyard summer ready.

Anyone who has experienced an Australian summer before can tell you it gets hot. Polished concrete is cool underfoot and can help defeat the heat. The smooth, uninterrupted surface is also soft and easy on bare feet.  Australians love the outdoors, BBQs, hot summer days by the pool. Both these activities can be messy and leave hazards. Polished concrete floors are easy to clean. At some point, something will spill. With polished concrete, these inevitable accidents are easily and quickly rectified.  Water is guaranteed to be used in abundance during the hot summertime making surfaces slippery and unsafe. The smooth, uninterrupted surface of polished concrete can be made slip resistant for those wet summer days by the pool, playing with the hose or the time honoured Australian tradition of the water fight. It’s sturdy, durable and can’t be dented or damaged under normal circumstances.

Polished concrete also takes advantage of the scorching summer days by retaining the heat and slowly releasing it at night because of the naturally high thermal mass of concrete. Polished concretes high level of shine can reflect light, decreasing the need for artificial alternatives and potentially helping with those sky-high electricity prices.

Watch this space for further entries that will detail how to use polished concrete in several specific outdoor areas and more on How to use polished concrete to make your backyard summer ready.