Unusual Concrete Polishing Ideas for Your Home

Looking for slick and stylish flooring options and unusual concrete polishing ideas that make a big impact?

Polished concrete is a great way to create a floor with a nice smooth finish that doesn’t require much upkeep. It’s durable, easy to clean and doesn’t need waxing, making it a great low maintenance choice.  And if you choose unusual concrete polishing ideas, you can have a unique flooring solution.

Unusual Concrete Polishing Ideas for Your Home

When you choose unusual concrete polishing ideas for your home, you get a reflective surface that also improves natural lighting and reduces the need for additional lighting. In addition, polished concrete flooring will not chip or dent like timber or tiles and can be cleaned with water or a neutral balance PH cleaner.

If your building already has existing concrete subfloors, exposing them and applying a decorative finish is simple and stunning flooring option.

Polished concrete floors can be used in the home, from kitchens and foyers to the bathroom. Polished concrete is also an attractive option in commercial retail and hospitality spaces, from hip cafés to trendy fashion stores where more unusual concrete polishing ideas can be utilised.

Unusual Concrete Polishing Ideas for Your Home

The colour of concrete largely depends on four main components that make up the concrete: stones, sand and cement. The colour of these components can vary depending on the region they are sourced from and the kind of stones and sand present, for example quartz, blue metal and Tarawingee stone combine to create a cool neutral grey, while river rock gives the concrete more of a brown colour.

Other stones or elements can also be added to the concrete to create colour and texture.

For more unusual concrete polishing ideas, further techniques can be used to create standout looks.

Unusual Concrete Polishing Ideas for Your Home

Stains and Dyes

Stains and dyes are used to achieve a richer tone and colour to the concrete floor. Instead of adding an opaque, solid colour like paint does, staining and dyeing concrete adds a translucent layer of colour, permeating the concrete to create original looks.

Designs and Textures

As well as staining and dyeing, designs and textures can be overlaid onto the concrete. Stamps and texture skins can be used to mimic surfaces like wood, brick, or stone. You can even add logos or graphics onto stained concrete with stencilling or engraving.

Overlays and Microtoppings

Decorative overlays can be used to effectively cover up imperfections without the cost of removal and replacement. Many modern overlays are made of polymer resins mixed with cement, sand and other additives to create a highly durable overlay that looks great and can withstand wear and tear.

Unusual Concrete Polishing Ideas for Your Home

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