Are you on the hunt for a new floor? Ecogrind has your ultimate guide to polished concrete floors vs carpet

When it comes to choosing between polished concrete floors vs carpet for your Melbourne home or business, it’s time to weigh up the pros and cons

Whether it’s for your own personal comfort, the aesthetics of your space or you just want a change, making the choice between polished concrete floors vs carpet all comes down to whether it suits your chosen setting, your budget and of course, your personal choice.

At Ecogrind, we’re here to help walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of both in various settings to ensure you make the flooring choice that works for you.

Why choose polished concrete floors?

Their highly durable nature makes polished concrete floors ideal for both home and business settings as they can withstand heavy foot traffic. In addition to their durability, polished concrete floors are also low maintenance, requiring very little cleaning (a big win for you!) and over time will last longer than carpet, which is more likely to wear out.

Let’s face it, polished concrete floors also look great!

They offer a sleek, modern look that can complement various interior design styles and come in a variety of finishes to suit the aesthetics of your Melbourne home or business.

Polished floor machine

One of the biggest pros of choosing concrete flooring is the sustainability factor. It’s an eco-friendly choice, that in most cases, is already pre-existing and just needs to undergo the polishing process to achieve the desired look! If you want to do your bit for the environment, this is a step in the right direction for you.

The downside to polished concrete flooring

At Ecogrind, we know it’s not always going to be everyone’s top choice and yes polished concrete can have its disadvantages too. Concrete floors can be hard on your feet and joints, which may not be suitable for areas where you need to stand for long periods, such as kitchens or retail spaces. They can also be cold to the touch, which may make it uncomfortable to stand or walk on, especially in colder climate areas.


Carpet Close up

Going down the carpet path

If you like the feel of a soft, cushioned flooring surface under your feet, carpet is the way to go.

Carpet is a great choice for bedroom and living areas of your home, especially for comfort. Carpet also offers an insulation factor, helping to retain heat in the winter and reduce energy costs.

It also absorbs sound, making it ideal for spaces where noise reduction is important. If you’re looking for multiple choices in colours, patterns and even different texture styles, carpet is also an option for you.



Why carpet won’t work for you

If spending all your time vacuuming sounds like a chore, carpet is definitely not the way to go! Carpet requires regular vacuuming and the occasional deep clean to remove dirt, dust and stains.

Carpets are also susceptible to trapping allergens such as dust and pollen, making them an unsuitable choice if you have allergies or respiratory problems.

Still unsure which flooring path to follow? Let Ecogrind help you decide! Give our friendly team a call to find out more.