Looking for ways to give your home a facelift that stands the test of time? Consider different types of polished concrete if you’re in Melbourne.


Whether you want a sleek modern look or a rustic appearance, there are different types of polished concrete in Melbourne homes and businesses that fit the bill. You will love how it lifts the entire atmosphere of your home or workspace.

Your floors your way with EcoGrind concrete polishing
Types of Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne ecogrind

Types Of Polished Concrete in Melbourne – Your Floors, Your Way

There are different types of polished concrete, and all look great.

Grind and Seal

As the name suggests, grind and seal is a concrete slab with a high gloss sealer on top. It gives an ‘urban rustic’ look that you may have seen while out and about.

Using a machine loaded with diamond-abrasive grits, your new or existing concrete floor will be ground back to about 200-400 grit. Thereafter, it will be coated with a polyurethane or epoxy coating.

Mechanical polish

The types of exposure will determine the final look of your floor. Full exposure grinds the surface right down to its lowest aggregate and gives the most ‘wow’ factor.

With a salt and pepper finish, partial exposure means only the top 1-3mm of the surface is ground down. This is ideal for those who want that industrial look.

Nil exposure is hard to achieve but you can trust Eco Grind to get it done right. This is best achieved on newly poured concrete. There is little to no stones showing through the concrete surface. The floor is then grouted and tiny holes filled for a refined and smoother surface.

Acid etching before sealing

Acid etching allows the reaction of diluted hydrochloric solution with the concrete surface and is then rinsed off with water. It opens the pores of the concrete, so the sealer can be properly applied.

The eco-friendly solution

Polished concrete floors are an eco-friendly flooring solution that can be used in any residential or commercial space. It is a sustainable design option because it utilizes materials already present in the space. They do not chip and are scratch-resistant, unlike other types of flooring (timber for example). They’re also incredibly easy to clean and being non-porous means it’s hypoallergenic – so your family and pets can live freely!

Give your home or business the makeover it deserves. Contact Eco Grind to discuss your options.