Transform Your Outdoor Area with Acid Wash Concrete Patios


Acid Wash Concrete Patios will add a unique flare to your outdoor patio that is both easy to clean and extremely long-lasting.

Acid washing is the new outdoor patio trend, with hundreds of customers requesting it after hearing about the benefits. But what exactly is so good? Let’s fill you in!

An incredible design
No two are the same! Having your patio’s concrete floor acid washed results in a rustic, fashionable look full of idiosyncrasies in the form of patchy marks giving character and charm to your home.

Adds life to old concrete
If you have an old concrete patio that’s killing your home decor buzz, acid washing is a trusted method to restore its former glory while adding a new spark. Furthermore, most concrete can be acid washed without any additional reconstruction of the slab itself, saving money and time!

Acid Wash Concrete Patios

Concrete is well-renowned as the most durable outdoor patio solution, and acid washing only intensifies this asset. While a shiny, sparkling polished concrete floor is nice, its lustre is soon lost to damage. Acid washing, by its very nature, damages the top layer of the concrete by staining it, hiding the scuff marks and dirt that are prone to ruining unwashed concrete.

Easy to maintain
Cleaning is super simple! No chemicals or complicated tools, just the good-old mop, bucket and water routine.

Our concrete patios are finished with a non-slip finish, meaning that you can walk on it confidently without worrying about nasty falls. This finish will work even when the concrete is wet, making it perfect for pool areas!

Acid Wash Concrete Patios

So now you can understand why demand for this fantastic flooring has increased so much! There are simply too many positives to ignore! So, if you’re looking to build or renovate your patio, or have a drab and lifeless slab you want to reinvigorate, call Eco Grind today to enquire about acid washed concrete patios.