Many of us are looking at our tired, old floor coverings, and wondering if we can polish existing concrete.  It looks so good on television renovation shows, and the new house your friends built has polished concrete… to be honest you’re a little envious.

So now that you’re back into routine for 2017, with the kids at school and the crazy holiday period over, you can finally get onto the Spring Clean you didn’t quite finish last Spring.

It’s a little daunting though.  Your carpet tells a beautiful story of a loving family – of reflux babies, preschool play-doh adventures and sunny days (ie. Fading near the windows).

The timber laminate that looked great a decade ago now has expansion in all the wrong places from unreported drink spills and storm flooding, and a few scratches from moving furniture and the roller shoes Santa delivered in 2014.

Polish Existing ConcreteAnd yet, you’re more scared about what’s underneath!  Well, you shouldn’t be. Your dream flooring might be just a skip bin away!

Under all that history is a base that can bring your home back to life!  Eco Grind can make a concrete slab look like a showroom floor with a process called Grind & Seal.

It’s a little different to installing a new polished concrete floor, but it is a lot more cost-effective.  Grind & Seal involves grinding your existing slab to remove scratches, and then filling in any small imperfections or cracks.  Once the surface is prepared, a sealer is applied to create a beautiful finish.

With its comparatively low installation costs, you’d be a little crazy not to speak with Eco Grind about a quote to Grind & Seal your existing concrete slab.  They can work with varying levels of concrete quality, and even add a non-slip treatment in the process.

A final sealer coat will protect your new floor and make it shine!  You can choose between Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane sealers, and even choose whether you’d like a gloss or satin finish.  And of course, you’ll have the same hypoallergenic, low maintenance and stunning benefits that you’d get from a fully installed polished concrete floor.

So don’t be scared about what might lurk under your existing flooring.  Get excited and contact Eco Grind today for an obligation free quote!  Get ready to reveal the treasure underneath the (almost) trash – because you can polish existing concrete and bring your floors to life again!