It’s that time of year again – when we reflect on the work we’ve done and anticipate what is to come. And, of course, we look at our favourite Polished Concrete Kitchen Floors.

While concrete polishing is often the go-to for living areas and bathrooms, we also see our fair share of polished concrete kitchen floors. This is even more popular now that open plan is the most popular living style around.

Consistency is key in flooring solutions, in old and new homes. Polished concrete kitchen floors that continue through to the living and traffic areas – or even bedrooms and bathrooms – creates a seamless look that is sure to impress.

Let’s not forget, however, just how practical polished concrete is for kitchens. Cleaning up spills has never been easier, and you can relax knowing that they are hardy. You won’t end up with the damage from water and everyday living that you would with timber or laminate floors. There aren’t any tiles to chip or grout to scrub. It’s pretty much perfect!

At Eco Grind, we have a lot of great-looking kitchens from our many years working across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Polished Concrete Kitchen Floors Alphington
Polished Concrete Kitchens Alphington

Alphington Dream Home

This is one of our favourite jobs of all time, and it is a terrific example of that seamless look we were just talking about. The stunning grey and white aggregate pops with the random exposure finish in this Alphington home. Carrying this flooring through almost the entire home, from hallway to lounge room and kitchen to butler’s pantry, looks and feels amazing.

Glen Waverley Kitchen-To-Be

While you might not be able to see the kitchen yet in this photo, the polished concrete floor to this open plan kitchen and living space is just a taste of how brilliant it will look when completed. The aggregate we uncovered was unique, with beautiful variations in the natural tones.

Montmorency Full Exposure

An oldie but a goodie, this new kitchen, entry, laundry and living areas in Montmorency got the full exposure concrete polishing treatment. The owners were thrilled with their head-turning floors, which looked phenomenal against their kitchen cabinetry.


Do you have an upcoming build or renovation project and dream of polished concrete kitchen floors? Contact the team at Eco Grind today.