This week our crew teamed up with G-Lux Builders, a fantastic and highly experienced building company with a huge emphasis on eco-friendly construction. Seeing as our polished concrete floors are some of the most eco-friendly flooring solutions available, we thought we’d make the ultimate pair!

Check out our latest work – we think you’ll be impressed! 

Eco Grind - Full Exposure Polished Concrete Floors Glux Builders

The design of the house centred around the concept of openness by naturally letting in light and air, thus alleviating the need for air-conditioners and other power-draining systems. Our flooring then strengthened this effect due to the naturally regulated temperature control properties of concrete. Polished concrete is cool and refreshing to the touch in summer and keeps the heat in during winter. This will help with bills and protecting the environment via reduced emissions.

For this job, our customers requested a light tone for their polished concrete flooring. We went with a creamy white surface with an aggregate consisting of lightly-coloured pebbles. We also added some darker ones to prevent the aesthetic from becoming too monotonous. It was then mechanically polished to full exposure level.

The final result turned out like this!

The room that G-Lux Builders designed was truly fantastic! The airy openness instantly refreshed us and made our work a lot easier.

The size and layout of the room is perfect for families. The direct access outside will ensure kids are easily able to get out for some fresh air, and even if they stay inside, ample sunlight will always be filtering through. If this isn’t enough, opening the gigantic French Windows will make it as if the outdoors have come to you!

This style of room also makes it ideal for BBQs and parties. You can open up all the windows and connect the room seamlessly to the backyard, instantly extending your entertainment area. Having both outdoor and indoor options for parties is the best way to ensure everyone is feeling comfortable.

Eco Grind - Full Exposure Polished Concrete Floors Glux Builders

We hope you enjoyed checking out our latest polished concrete flooring! If you’re also interested in getting our eco-friendly polished concrete floors for your house, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Additionally, we’d like to thank G-Lux Builders for their great work and productive cooperation! We hope we will be able to partner again in the future.