Melbourne polished concrete has cemented itself as a fashionable alternative to carpet and wooden flooring.

With a modern aesthetic, it’s perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of individuality to their home or business.

melbourne polished concrete

To achieve the smooth, glossy look of polished concrete, the concrete is processed though grinding and polishing. This involves using progressively finer grinding tools as the concrete gets smoother. Along with hardening chemicals which make the concrete hard enough to walk on and dust proof, colours can be added and scoring or designs can be marked into the concrete.They can be newly fitted or retrofitted to suit your needs.

Melbourne polished concrete is a great alternative to wooden flooring or tiles as it’s sustainable. It makes use of the already present materials in a building. Most buildings today are built on a concrete slab so polishing the exposed surface saves energy and costs associated with applying wooden flooring and tiles.

melbourne polished concrete

While being sustainable, there are many benefits to choosing polished concrete. It’s low maintenance, making it household and business friendly. It’s easily cleaned with just water or a neutral PH cleaner. Polished concrete is harder than wood, vinyl or tiles so it’s far more durable, saving you money on repairs and replacements.

Longevity is key in a family home or a financially conscious business- polished concrete lasts for 10+ years and as it has no fibres so it reduces dust mites making it more allergy friendly than carpet.

melbourne polished concrete

The alternative, industrial style of polished concrete gives a modern twist to any room. It looks fantastic in kitchens and dining rooms but can be a great feature of a living room or office The neutral tones in the concrete are easy to match any colour scheme or décor with. It’s elegant but simple, giving a fresh design to your space.

If you’re looking to make a statement or want a trendy but understated addition to your home or workplace, Melbourne polished concrete might just be what you’re looking for. Contact us at EcoGrind today for more information or a quote for your concrete flooring.