Sustainable and Stylish! Acid Washed Concrete for your Patio

Acid washed concrete flooring is a cost-effective, practical and environmentally-friendly way to obtain a unique and stylish flooring that will transform any space instantly.

Acid washed concrete basically consists of the washing of concrete with acid via special tools to create patterns. There is almost unlimited potential for creativity and customisation, so you can let your imagination run wild and make your floor a true one-of-a-kind specimen! 

One of the best places in your home to utilise acid washed concrete is in your outdoor patio. 

Outdoor flooring is always a tricky situation. Melbourne’s harsh summer sun and winter rain will quickly ruin most floors. Timber, in particular, which, admittedly, looks great, will inevitably rot after only a few years. Constant and costly maintenance is required to keep it looking fresh.

Acid Washed Concrete

Acid washed concrete, however, is extremely durable and will brush off Melbourne’s worst weather with ease. The acid wash gives it a stylishly worn look, which means, unlike other flooring solutions, it has already endured worse than any weather could throw at it. Basically, by being washed with a highly corrosive acid and surviving, it has already proved its strength!

Concrete is also a sustainable and environmentally friendly resource when compared with other flooring solutions. Timber, for example, contributes to deforestation, and plastic is produced with many environmentally-unfriendly chemicals. They are both simply not good for our planet. Furthermore, due to the delicacy of timber, chemicals and additional materials are needed to maintain it. 

Concrete will last and look brand-new for years. No further maintenance is required – just basic mopping and a power wash to keep it clean! You can rest easy knowing your home is sustainable. 

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor patio flooring solution, acid washed concrete is the way to go! Give the team at Eco Grind a call today for more details!